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Post  Louis De Sousa on Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:48 am

Registry - Southampton, England
Built by John Brown and Co. (Clydebank) Ltd., Scotland; later Upper Clyde Shipbuilders
Maiden Voyage: May 2, 1969 (Southampton to New York
Re-engined: November 1986 - April 1987 by Lloyd Werft, Bremerhaven, Germany
Refurbished: November/December 2001
Launched by: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
70,327 tons • 963 feet long • 105 feet wide • 32 feet draft
25 - 28.5 knots cruising speed (maximum 32.5 knots)
12 guest decks • 13 guest, 8 store elevators
1,791 guests (double occupancy) • 921 crew (British & International)

Technical and Safety Information

Engines: Nine 9-cylinder 58/64 (580mm bore / 640mm stroke) medium speed turbo-charged diesels, running at 400 rpm and connected to individual alternators generating 10.5 megawatts each at 10,000 volts. Built by MAN B & W Diesel GmbH, Augsburg, Germany, each engine weighs 120 tons.

Motors: Two 400-ton electric motors, one on each propeller shaft, rated at a maximum of 44 megawatts each at 144 rpm. Built by GEC, Rugby, England, the motors each weigh over 400 tons and are over 9 metres in diameter.

They are the largest marine motors ever built.
The diesel electric system produces 130,000 hp, which is the most powerful propulsion plant of any merchant ship in the world.
The 95 MV total power output is enough to light a city the size of Southampton.
QE2 is the fastest merchant ship in operation.

Boilers: Nine waste heat recovery gas boilers mounted on the engine exhaust uptakes, and two oil-fired boilers. These produce steam for fuel heating, domestic fresh water heating, heating of swimming pools and steam for the laundry equipment and kitchens. Built by Sunrod, Sweden.

Propellers: Two outward-turning, controllable-pitch. Diameter 19 feet 8 inches (6.1 metres). The propeller shafts are both 262 feet 6 inches (80 m) long and 23 feet 2 inches (5.9 metres) in diameter. Built by Lips, Drunen, Netherlands.

Bow Thrusters: Two Stone KaMeWa of 1,000 hp per unit.

Steering Gear: Brown Bros. 4 Rom Electro-hydraulic.

Stabilizers: Four Denny Brown; each fin projects from the ship's side by 12 ft (3.65 m) and is 6 ft (1.85m) wide. They reduce rolling by 60%.

Maximum - 32.5 knots
Service - 25 - 28.5 knots.
Service speed is achievable using only 7 of the 9 engines.

Fuel Consumption: 18.05 tons per hour, or 433 tons per day.

This is equal to six of the ship's swimming pools.
The ship's fuel oil tank capacity of 4,381.4 tonnes is sufficient for 10 days' sailing at 32.5 knots, equalling 7,800 miles.
One gallon of fuel will move the ship 49.5 feet; with the previous steam turbine engines, one gallon of fuel moved the ship 36 feet.

Tank Capacities:
Fresh Water: 1,852.0 tons
Laundry Water: 489.0 tons
Diesel Oil: 206.8 tons
Fuel Oil: 4,381.4 tons
Lubricating Oil: 335.7 tons
Ballast: 4,533.0 tons
Feed Water: 113.8 tons

Water Production / Consumption:

Four Serck vacuum flash evaporators, producing 250 tons each per day.
One reverse osmosis plant producing 450 tons.
Total production - 1,450 tons per day.
Consumption - about 1,000 tons per day; equivalent to 14 of the ship's swimming pools.

Forward - two of 12.5 tons each, on 3 15/16" diameter cable 1,080 feet long.
Aft - one of 7.5 tons, on 3" diameter cable 720 feet long.
Spare - one of 12.5 tons.
Rudder Weight: 80 tons

Stopping Capability:

The ship can reduce speed from 32.5 knots full ahead to standstill in 3 minutes 39 seconds, in a distance of 0.75 nautical miles (1.39 km).
The ship can go from standstill to full speed astern (19 knots) in 12 minutes.
Navigation EquipmentRadar:

3 Kelvin Hughes Nucleus ARPA radars, 3cm and 10 cm, fully inter switched.
2 NINAS navigation works stations complete with an electronic chart display utilising ARCS disks.
2 Kelvin Hughes Qubit Master Yeoman plotting tables.

Raytheon DSL 250 Doppler Speed Log
Raytheon EML 201 Electromagnetic Log
Satellite navigator:

Magnavox MX 1105 Satellite Navigator.
Racal MK 90 GPS Satellite Navigator.
Hyperbolic Navigational Aids: Decca Navigator; Loran C: Omega.

Autopilot: Sperry U.G.P. Autopilot

Compasses: 2 Sperry MK.37 Gyro Compasses; Compass. Lilley and Gillie Magnetic

Whistles: 3 Tyfon Whistles, audible for up to 2 miles.

Navigational charts: The Chartroom has approximately 1,500 charts, covering most of the world; they are updated weekly.

Safety Information
Lifeboats: 20; total capacity 2,244 persons
Liferafts: 56; total capacity 1,400 persons
Buoyant Apparatus: 5; total capacity 100 persons
Lifejackets: 3,474
Lifebuoys: 30

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